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With such a diverse range of notable interments, there is sure to be a tour whatever your interest. We aim to undertake regular guided walking tours of each cemetery on a range of themes. You'll be entertained, informed and want to come back for more! We also cater for private groups wanting something different.

The Friends are happy to tailor and run tours for school groups, rotary groups, or other interested people.

Some of Our tours

  • 'Street Where We Live'
  • 'All Sorts of Grave Tales'
  • 'Early Settlers'
  • 'Murder, Mayhem and Misadventure'
  • 'Ladies of the Cemetery'
  • 'Convicts and Felons'
  • 'The Great War: A Military Tour'
  • 'The First Year: 1865'
  • 'Children of the Cemetery'

Tour Booking form

Dear tour participant, it is now a requirement of the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (SMCT) that all tour participants who visit SMCT cemeteries are fully aware of the risk hazards upon entering SMCT cemeteries.

Cheltenham Pioneer is a heritage cemetery, with structures and paths which are not level and can present a risk hazard. SMCT request that you take the utmost care when attending tours, and/or visiting this cemetery. This stipulation applies to tours conducted by FoCRC

  • Before walking under any trees please look up first. This is especially important after storm activity.
  • Always remain on the pathways. Do not walk across graves.
  • Whilst enjoying the history and craftsmanship, please do not interfere with any monuments or mementos without written authorisation from Holder of right of interment.
  • In the event of any emergency please contact 000.

Please note: The Friends of Cheltenham Regional Cemeteries are not financially or legally associated, or connected to the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.

Please acknowledge us that you are aware of these hazards by checking the box given below in order to book a tour

Yes, I am aware about the risk hazards (Required field)

Please dress for the weather conditions
Success! The Request has been submitted !

Notes to Tour Participants

Location: Tours of the Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery leave inside the main entrance gates on Charman Road, Cheltenham (opposite the Cheltenham railway station). Tours of the Cheltenham Memorial Park leave inside the main entrance gates on Wangara Road, Cheltenham unless otherwise stated.

Cost: $15.00 for adults ($10.00 for members) and children (under 18 years) are free. Price includes refreshments and a tour guide pamhphlet. Payment can be made on the day.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours (unless indicated) and includes a 20 minute break for refreshments.

It is essential to dress appropriately for the conditions of the day as there is little shelter within both cemeteries. The Pioneer Cemetery is quite steep in places and whilst the tour follows the safest paths, we advise participants to take care if you have difficulty walking.