Who's who


Who's Who buried at Cheltenham?

Amongst the notables buried at the Cheltenham cemeteries are:

Clarice Marjoribanks Beckett - Artist                                                     
Francesco (Frank) Benvenuto - Victim of the gangland war
John Booker - the last of Dendy's immigrants
Mother Margaret Mary Bourke - Catholic Nun
Frederick Crafter - Titanic Survivor
Norman Edwin Bradshaw - Underworld identity from the 1950s

Dr Vera Scantlebury Brown - Pioneer of Infant Welfare
William Calder - First Chairman of Victorian Country Roads Board
Ronald Patrick (Ron) Casey - Sporting and Media Personality
Sir Matthew Henry Davies - Politician and Notorious Land Boomer
Sir William Gordon Fry - Politician, Solider and Community Leader
Leo "Lucky" Grills - Actor and Comedian
Mary Hardy - Television personality and sister of Frank Hardye           
Air Marshal Sir George Jones - Last of the WWI air fighter aces
Mersina Halvagis - Murder victim
Edmond John (Ned) Hogan - Premier
George Howell - Murdered Policeman
Adeline May Keating - Businesswoman                                             
Sir James Gordon Legge - Army Officer
John Mather - Artist
(Vetko) Floyd Podgornik - Businessman and Property Developer
Beverley Ratten - Shooting victim
William Duble Rose - Funeral Director
Sir Edgar Stephen Tanner - Sports Administrator and Politician
Robert Charles West - Victim of the Westgate Bridge disaster
Ivo Whitton - Champion amateur golfer
William James (Bill) Williamson - Hall of Fame Jockey
David Wilson - Murdered in Cambodia.
William ‘Bud’ Copeland – a definite winner with all the Collingwood supporters.