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Locate a GraveWith a team of skilled volunteers, our research request service allows us to help locate a grave making it a valuable service to the genealogist and descendant alike.

Since our inception, the Friends have have undertaken over 2,520 research requests for the public and financial members, a form of assistance that is without acknowledgement by the Cemetery Trust. 

On-line search

The Friends have produced our own on-line burial register of the Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery and Cheltenham Memorial Park, utilising available records and photographing headstones.  The program so far covers the Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery, and we are progressively covering the Cheltenham Memorial Park.

The program allows you to search, download photos of the burial location and also view genealogical information including links with other persons buried in separate graves.

The program is accessible to non-financial members for basic look ups.


Research Request form

Alternatively, you can submit your research request by using the form below.  Provide the name and date/year of death of the person(s) you are searching for.  

All requests will be acknowledged by reply email.   

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"The service you provide in this regard makes Family History Research, for those of us doing it from Interstate or Overseas, a lot easier than it otherwise would be. Keep up the good work!"  - Lynette of Mt Pleasant (WA)

"I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given me. It has filled some major gaps in my family history." - Kath of Mitcham (Vic)

"A quick note to let you know how thrilled I was to receive photos/details of gravestones today. This is an fantastic service that you provide and it is very much appreciated. Once again, thank you." - Karen of Alderley (Qld)

"Thank you for the information you have supplied - it is all very clear and well-laid out. Great service..." - Pamela of Christchurch (NZ)

"Many many thanks for the information and photos - these are fantastic. I have sent a donation of $20.00 in appreciation via PayPal, just a small amount but hope it helps just a little to aid in your continuing wonderful work in helping families find their ancestors, you provide an invaluable service and I really do appreciate your efforts."  - Jill of Epping, Vic

"Thank you once again for exceptionally prompt service - you are clearly providing a very valuable service!" - Norma of Caulfield, Vic

"Now that is what I call service - above and beyond any expectations - I was expecting weeks ..." - Iain of Townsville, Qld

"Congratulations on this wonderful service. I am sure there are many, like myself, who are very appreciative of the time and effort put into this project by 'the Friends'". - Min of Moruya, NSW

"I am very impressed by the work you and your fellow "Friends" do - it is a wonderful service to researchers and an honour to the memory of those who have been laid to rest in the cemetery". - Marlene of Lilydale, Vic

"The work you do is so important and I am sure a great comfort and source of inspiration to many families". - Zana of St Kilda, Vic

"The details that you have sent are impressive". - Trish of Patterson Lakes, Vic

"I would like to thank you most sincerely for the photo map etc I truly appreciate your efforts". - Ruth of Woolbrook, NSW